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Quick facts

Key features

  • Intriguing gameplay combined with distinct art style
  • Intuitive path drawing controls
  • 50 handcrafted tricky and varying levels
  • Peaceful atmosphere with no interruptions


NordicEdu Ltd.
Based in Turku, Finland

Release date

September 24th, 2015

Most recent update

September, 2015


  • iOS 6.0+ (Universal App)


iTunes App Store

App store categories

  • Games - Puzzle
  • Games - Family




7+ targeting all ages


English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Finnish

What is Tile Tales?

Tile Tales is a journey within a beautiful forest. Wondrous creatures of nature appear as numerical puzzles until you solve them and unfold their beauty. In each level players are faced with challenges that force to think in various ways. It is a unique puzzle game that combines numbers with exciting gameplay!

The intriguing feel combined with distinct art create a unique and attractive puzzle game never before seen on mobile. Players will be intuitively controlling their way through 50 tricky and alternating levels. The goal is to navigate through different tilesets and form a path that leads to the highest score. In these tilesets, the player will be faced with different modifiers and obstacles that form the unique and interesting aspect of the gameplay of Tile Tales.

Take a moment for yourself and give your mind an increasingly satisfying challenge with no interruptions.

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Press inquiries

Tatu Laine
Founder, NordicEdu
Turku, Finland


What is special about tile tales?

Tile Tales features 50 handcrafted tricky and varying levels, and intriguing feel combined with distinct art style. Intuitive path drawing controls and peaceful atmosphere with no interruptions help Tile Tales to stand out from the crowd.

Who is the target audience?

Players who are looking for a relaxing logical challenge, the kind of people who play games like Sudoku.

What do I need to play Tile Tales?

Tile Tales runs on iOS 6+ and is optimized for iOS8 as an universal app for iPhones and iPads.

Who is behind Tile Tales?

NordicEdu is a puzzle and serious games studio based in Finland. The company has a background in creating some of the most successful educational games to date in Finland and also utilizes this knowhow and background to create new and novel puzzle games for wider audiences. NordicEdu is on a mission to level up casual puzzle games with its unique take on game design.

How does Tile Tales make money?

Tile Tales is a premium game. You pay once: no IAP or other micropayments.

What are the future plans for Tile Tales?

We are designing additional content to our players in the form of new puzzles and gameplay. We also plan to expand the game’s reach globally by localizing Tile Tales into other languages (we currently support 10 languages).

Will Tile Tales be available on Android?

At the moment Tile Tales is exclusive to iOS. We'll be considering other platforms in the future.